YOUR Homeys

Collaborate with trusted friends & professionals on the key decisions impacting your home's value.

Emily just bought a new home

This is our new home! - Emily
Congrats! - Amy
I can't wait to come visit! - Michael
When is the housewarming party? - Jennifer
Do you need a good mover? - Allison

Excited by home improvement options, Emily reaches out to her Homeys on Glossre for much needed advice.

Friend Homey 1
Neighbor Homey 2
Realtor Homey 5
Lender Homey 4
Insurer Homey 3

"When it comes to home improvement, some dollars stretch more than others. And if you're on a limited budget, it becomes even more important to spend those dollars wisely."

Bathroom before
Any suggestions for modernizing this bathroom without losing the classic feel? - Emily
The Cape Cod trim is quaint, but if you want more modern, tile's the way to go. - Terrence
Looking at comparables, I would recommend spending between $8-$12k on this project. - Realtor
The radiator is adorable. Show it off! - Shannon

With real advice, from real people, who care about her real home, Emily makes confident decisions that add real value.

Painter 2
Bathroom after
What do you all think? - Emily
What a difference! - Rachel
This is great Emily. I sold a home the other day with a similar style, and the buyers loved it. - Realtor
Night and day! Well done. - Maddie